The fold flat dustpan and brush is a space saving cleaning set that tackles the current problems with storing traditional dustpan and brushes.
"When I set out to create the fold flat dustpan and brush I wanted to create something so simple that it makes you wonder why we haven't been sweeping this way for years."
Non-spill disposal:
The funnel-like design means that the handle can be used as a chute for guiding debris into tight spaces when emptying.
Removable brush heads:
The brush head doesn't trap dirt because of the silicone-like material used. The head can also be removed effortlessly, making keeping it clean more convenient as it can be quickly rinsed under the tap.
Dishwasher safe:
The completely flat design makes heavier cleaning just as convenient because the fold flat dustpan and brush fits easily into a dishwasher. This makes the task of cleaning it so simple, and perfect for when simply rinsing the brush head alone won't do.
Stores flat:
When no longer needed the fold flat dustpan and brush can be stored away incredibly discreetly, meaning at last, you have a cleaning set that fits around you and your lifestyle.
Insight and observations:
With thanks to the wonderful people at for letting me use their kitchen space and for the awesome job on the photographs.