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    Although most of the art by David R. Purnell is medical illustration, this is a collection of selected non-medical illustrations.
Gallery of Non-Medical Illustrations
Illustrations by David R. Purnell, M.A.
NEW YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio
The Power of Possibilty
We Are Here To Help
A Meeting of Minds
Earth in a flask
Here is an illustration I did a few years ago to depict – to an online acquaintance — the concept of synchronicity and synchronistic events. I call it "Synchronicity Depicted."
Most have heard of "synchronicity." It is a term coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung ("yoong").

A number of books have been written on the subject, with many AMAZING examples from peoples' real-life experiences.

. . . a coincidental occurrence for which there is no apparent CAUSAL relationship between event "A" and event "B," and, in which the "coincidence" is personally meaningful to the experiencer. A noteworthy aspect of synchronicity is . . . the more an individual thinks about and talks about synchronistic events, the more he or she experiences them.

For me (and others) the reality of synchronicity is that it is a function of the worlds beyond time and space, cause and effect, the duality of "mind," of "this" versus "that." Synchronicity is a function of realms in which the ostensible "separateness" of things and beings is not a reality. It is the realm in which all things and events are aspects of an overall ACAUSAL oneness.

"Synchronicity Depicted" shows what synchronicity represents to me:
On the surface of things, it appears that events are distinct, separate, unconnected — just like separate fingers appear to be unconnected — when you view them individually, distinct from the hand of which they're a part. That's the illusory world of time and space. It is the world where synchronistic events take place — those "strange" coincidences that have no
causal (cause and effect) relationship.

But in the worlds beyond duality, all events derive from one seamless unity that can't be appreciated with the limited human senses. It is the unseen hand to which the individual fingers are mere extensions. It is the world where miracles take place. And, after all, "a miracle is a changed consciousness" (Paul Twitchell). A change in consciousness allows the previously unseen and unrecognized to become the seen and recognized.
This illustration was an ad for Yukon Diesel anti-gel fuel product.
It was created for use as a highway billboard, 18 feet wide x 5.25 feet high.
Ad agency: Market Success, Inc./Wayne Voigtschild
Bloominton, MN
Toward the Light
This was used in an ad for Rackmaster Systems International (rackmounted computer chassis and enclosures). The copy on the ad read, "Built like a Rackmaster." It was an amusing reversal of the popular phrase that something is "built like a brick shithouse."
Want to cut your operating costs? (for 3M Company)
While taking a nap . . .
Watching oneself on the playing field of karma
"No, it was YOUR fault!"
Badge to commemorate a three-day canoe trip I went on as an adult supervisor
with Boy Scout Troop 29, of Rochester, Minnesota.
An Imaginary Insect
Psychedelic Catheter
Tiger Eye
Emerald Maelstrom
Purple Gaze
Breakaway Vision