Like Project – iPhone social app (animation)

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    We have created the design of the new social network.
    Want to know how it differs from others?
    The main feature allows users to create interactive cards instead
    of boring profiles and share them with other users.
    We do understand that with iOS 7 launch apps need to make
    more accent on animation, gestures and sounds. 
    While designing each screen we have created a simple animation
    which will be easily implemented by developers.

    The app animation has been
    on the device went
    trough few iteration
    The most interesting, though the most difficult screen
    is the one with the set of cards which were
    sent to other users
    We have created the card display for users to look
    through the cards quickly. The screen looks
    complicated and we had to work hard to
    both achieve the desired effect
    and not to complicate
    the development
    All in all we have designed about
    50+ screens for this project.
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    Creative team:
    Art Director/Designer: Dmitriy Chuta
    Motion Design: Vyacheslav Kelip
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