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    Personal project of mine. iPhone app design.
Holymolies iPhone App
One verse. Everyday. Amen!
As a creative, there's nothing better than personal projects.

Holymolies was a personal project of mine. Being a Christian, I needed something that I would use everyday to learn more about the Bible. There are a few apps out now that are awesome, but there are none that let you tell a story yourself nor is there one that lets you meet other Christians and help inspire/comfort each other everyday. Every single day. That's what Holymolies is all about. Speaking with other Holymolies and helping others learn more about the Bible.

I came up with the entire app, full design, app design and everything in one week. Special thanks to Jared for helping me with the dev.

Next came the website www.holymolies.com which I designed in one hr. Special thanks to my friend Eric for the dev work.

There's a lot of new things coming in future updates for Holymolies and I just want to thank all of it's users! You guys rock and thank for all of your patience with the bugs and updates. Love you guys!