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    A manifesto based on perspective and lines. Looking into how lines change society and how as designers we have the ability to change the line.
  My manifesto is called          Where to draw the line?
 It stemmed from a conversation with an architect, about lines he said….        
  “I get paid $10,000 to draw a line , $50 to draw a line and $9950 to know where to put it. “
     It got me thinking of the importance of the line and how our perspectives on lines have changed the world. How we can be persuaded and guided by lines and how a change in perspective can influence our lives.
Picasso once was asked to draw a sketch on a table napkin for a business man, Picasso demanded $6000 for the work and when asked how he could charge for something that took him a few moments he replied and said ‘yes it only took me a few minutes, but it took thirty years’ experience to get where I am at this point.
I suspect this story is somewhat an urban myth but the basic tenant still remains the same its not what you do it’s what you know.
It’s how we perceive things and our perspective.
The question is where do you draw the line?