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Pt. 3/3: Antonin Artaud – Theatre of Cruelty

Part 3 of the series continues Antonin Artaud's life journey after his release from the insane asylum in Rodez. This book is a collection of theatrical theory, letters, poetry, and his controversial radio play from 1947. 

In his theory of the Theatre of Cruelty, Artaud tries to attack the senses of his audience. 
A combination of violent confronting images, piercing sounds, and bright stage lights trapped the audience into the drama. He describes his work as visual poetry, a combination of stylized movements, dance, and gestures. 

In continuation from part 1, books are open bound with thick covers and hand-torn pages (learn more).

The book cover and picture of Antonin Artaud are in a purple hue. Purple stands for mystery, and magic thereby creates a feeling of an enigma. Artaud's words are often cryptic word puzzles. 
The movement of loose and tight word spaces is present to create a sense of lucid dissociation. Large page margins induce the notion of being trapped. The book is set in the sans-serif font Knockout.
Pt. 3/3: Antonin Artaud – The Theatre of Cruelty
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Pt. 3/3: Antonin Artaud – Theatre of Cruelty


Pt. 3/3: Antonin Artaud – Theatre of Cruelty

"Theatre of Cruelty" is part of a book series dedicated to French actor, director and playwright Antonin Artaud (1896-1948). This book is a colle Read More