Concept: creation of an animated holographic picture “Holographic music”
Around a dark and straight corridor, urban transport allegory (metro), the first notes of a distant music melody suddenly burst as rapid sparks. Followed by a quick acceleration of the rhythm: increasing in sound, the music wave taking in its moving flow some ghostly human beings, taken away from their daily routines by its irresistible beauty. More and more intense, the music focuses until it creates an amphitheater of lights. United around the stage, the human shadows in quest to share universal values look the light beams toward the sky.
First draft of the project
Scene | Vector drawing,  61 x 150 cm 
Progression of the music | Vector drawing,  61 x 150 cm 
Superposition of music and scene | Vector drawing,  61 x 150 cm 
Animation in three parts
- the sparks: initial perception of a pleasant note of music 
- the exaltation: deployment of the music which follows the movement of the spectator around the paintings
- the end : a bright amphitheater which allows the meeting of the human figures around the scene
Estimated duration of the animation: about 8 seconds