• "Smiles to the death."
    Until now, nobody dared to challenge the death in this way. Robotics glimpses this path towards the immortality. The world of the gods. To daydream too much, we have to keep in mind that we have all our Achilles' heel. We are not invulnerable. We are human beings above all.
  • "Holy tech"
  • "Novam Septum"
    Today humanity places a lot of hope in technology, isn't it overestimate?

    by:Remi lagast
  • "Deer wire"
    I chose on this piece to show robotisation in a negative side, with a blue spheric form, robotisation here is imagined as an abstract entity that reach a pure zone. It's illustrated with a white purity incarned into an animal.
  • "God among gods "
    The theme is robotic, so I wondered about the origin of automation and modernization.
    For me, the precursor of technological advances and «human» robotic was the Egyptian, whose secrets of
    construction and assembly are still today a great mystery.
    So I figured what they worshiped the most in their time, and what people despise today: sphynx cat.
  • "Artificial Intelligence "
  • "Artificial Intelligence "

    I imagined for this creation an hypothetical future for planet earth, a solar system without its central pilar to stand upon. The sun is missing, he disappeared billions years ago. The earth is drifting through space and not a single form of life survived. Only the machines remains, gaining more intelligence through time. However, life managed somehow to resurface. A new cycle is starting, bringing its share of innovation. How exactly the machines are involved in this rebirth ? How will they deal with it ? Will they do better than human kind, despite the fact that they were made in order to look like them ?
    Florian Pollet

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