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    Piece created that could potentially get destroyed in an upcoming competition.
----  KDHX Art Attack 5 - 2013  ----
 "A Colorful and Sad Cubed Skull-Fish #4"

So for the past 5 years a local public radio station, KDHX, (who typically plays some of the best unheard of independent music) put together various fundraisers for the station.
They have this one, Art Attack, where multiple artists create a painting to battle against one another head-to-head. The winner will advance to the next round, and the loser will face a "Wheel - O - Destruction", basically various ways your piece could get destroyed, ie. : chainsaw, acid bath, sledge hammer, roller derby girls, etc... 
Though there is a chance of redemption as your piece will go up for auction, but if it doesn't sell, then it is donezo.
So this competition will go on Nov. 1st... I will be sure to update this project with the outcome. Wish me luck.