Breath Hub

Take a deep breath, your life is about to change.

Meet Breath Hub, a mobile platform for breath work professionals, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike, and a live breath library - soon to become the world’s most extensive resource of its kind. Inspired by breath work’s central role in wellbeing and guided by its transformative potential, Breath Hub posits itself as a medium of self-transformation. The application offers a wide selection of guided sessions from the world’s leading breathing experts, with an ever-growing archive of daily sessions.

We created Breath Hub’s entire brand identity, from its slogan to its brand strategy and visual world. Honing in on the brand’s ultimate promise, we created a dynamic visual world that showcases this personal transformation. Take a look at the logo we designed, two overlapping circular forms in a constant state of transformation and balance: a stylized letter B, an abstracted set of lungs, a balancing stack of rocks. We focused in on the logo’s overlapping circular forms and turned them into animated patterns. The patterns fold and unfold rhythmically, changing in color, shape and size.

Client: Breath Hub
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Art Director: Seda Yüksel
Strategist & Copywriter: Nur Yıldırım
Motion Designer: Mahmut Kalyoncu
Project Manager: Oğul Girgin

Breath Hub
Multiple Owners
Monroe Creative