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Viscom Cupboards
Systematization of disorder.

Cupboards at Viscom

Types of cupboards, Number of shelves vs. number of students, Filling cupboards on the basis of different classes, Main categories of subjects inside of cupboards, Average filling of cupboards, Identifying the most preferred shelves in cupboards

Photodocumentation, Sorting out the cupboards, Layout plan, Technical drawing, Manual digitizing

Visual way of graphs based on a cupboard shape

Noticeable differences between Masters' and Bachelors' cupboards are in sorts of objects inside. Bachelors are more secretive, they lock their staff into lockers. Majority of their displayed things are impersonal practical working tools. Unlike Bachelors, the most of Masters spent time on their separate balcony (an additional place) in privacy. For this reason they can expose lot of private things for instance their childhood toys, family pictures, and so on.

The most preferred shelf is on the bottom of cupboard. This place is used as a storage s pace for heavy boxes that people don’t want to lift up higher. The second most preferred shelf is in the second row from the top — in hand position. It is usually used for articles of daily use.

The most frequent articel in a student cupboard is indisputably paper.

There is so many nonuse cupboards at Viscom. Each student gets approximately 3.36 shelves but every second class student uses, on average, only 2.6 shleves.

Led by Viola ZimmermannBern, 2011
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