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    I've begun to seize on interesting tidbits of footballing news and make fun little illustrations from them.
'Manacles for Goalposts'
Ramsey is in a serious purple patch lately
Torres back up to scratch?
Januzaj leads out his mascot for his first start.
England qualified for Brazil 2014. Get the sun cream Wayne.
Roy's Space Monkey joke sends him into orbit.
Luisao about to set up the equaliser last Wednesday at the Estadio da Luz…
There's a new breed of football fan...
Good to see Gareth settling in at Madrid.
Jurgen Klopp described Bayern Munich as the equivalent of the Deathstar to his Rebel Alliance. Had to do this.
The FAI have taken ‘chiaroscuro’ a bit literally with the appointment of O’Neill and Keane.
The USMNT have qualified for Brazil 2014.
Who's laughing now? Suarez social rehabilitation is complete.
With the season this guy is having it seems like he could play forever...
'Roger roger, I've got a positive on the ball' - Munich fairly dominated possession last night...
Rooney's goal was worth a lot to United.
Real Sociedad locked up Barca's usually prolific attack last Saturday night.
With his political aspirations I hope he can take a cue from his significant other...
Moyes brings his own brand of Blues to Old Trafford.
One way around FIFA's ban on undershirts.
Is it about to strike 19 on Merseyside?
Zlatan's suitcase.
Oranj is the new Black
All turnstiles will have this for Newcastle's next 3 matches...
Hit me. Hit me. Hit me.
I'm sure things will look up for United soon.
An adventure 10 years in the making!
Chin up, Stevie
The trophy drought at the Emirates could end today...
Did you watch the Champions League Final like this?
Defence Ministers in Brazil have revealed that over 150,000 troops will be deployed to ensure the World Cup runs smoothly. Football has returned to it's spiritual home...
The Brazilian government has funded the Confederations Cup and the upcoming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics while Brazilians protest that there is inadequate provision of social services among many, many other things. 157,000 troops have been deployed to keep things ‘running smoothly’ during the World Cup. My heart goes out to the people there fighting for what they need.
The World Cup casts a long shadow...
It’s quickly becoming less and less desirable…
The story of the World Cup for me so far...
It’s been a free flowing spectacle so far, except for Honduras.
Neymar's the only Brazil player in the samba mood so far...
Where will Liverpool stop?
Due to the massive TV money involved, refs will get an upgrade on their whistle this season...
Walls just ain't what they used to be
Diving is different when it's your team
LFC v BORO in the cup
Sepp's fortunes seem to be on the up again...
Here's my take on Ginola running for the FIFA presidency, you may need to remember his L'Oreal advert from the 90's...
Sign the bloody contract Raheem!