Fresh Powder
Japan Luxury Ski Resort

A website built for a ski resort in Japan. The client had a full online business model to run his entire business computerized, which in return allowed his staff to mainly focus on what they would do best…Service! So in return, working with a team we arranged a server to host a reservation system ( purchased by the client. Next, we began work on the concept and design stage, the branding took us about 2 weeks to nail down and a color scheme that we really liked was comfortably approved. As this project was a rather programming heavy, we started to implement the system into a website framework.

This fortunately was not a difficult task – the API for the system for rather detailed, allowing us to easily add the functionality to our website. After finalizing two themed design (one for summer in green) and four months of development we finally had FreshPowder, a quick and easy website that gave you tremendous amounts of information in a clean manner.

- Logo Design
- Design and Development of website
- Retouching and recreation of Map artwork
- Implementation of 3rd party reservation system
- Arrangement and structuring of image database
- Project Management