Thank you to @polestar for letting us dream and made this contest.
2020 Polestar Design Contest brief: "Pure"
Design a new Polestar that is the purest of designs, one from twenty years from now, which showcases what Polestar’s slightly-more-distant future will look like (but still within the realm of possibility).
It could be a car. It could be something else. What it has to be is a vision of Polestar's design evolution in the year 2040, following the Polestar design philosophy.

My entry is vision of how the future of transportation will be in 2040, mostly private and 
shareable. Humanity is moving towards "personal bubble" that will give limitation to space and that will shape our future. Transportation was always part of our culture and way of life, that thought lead me to my vision as I'm presenting it. Potential viruses, bacteria and unhealthy air quality is something will happened more in this century so we need to adapt or die.
Polestar city of the future
Bladeless drones, Travel pods, and Train pods together will be part of the new world that will help us to live in the future that we deserve. Basic incomes and unlimited knowledge will give us the freedom to be more creative and spend more time with ourselves and extend humanity.

based on an umbrella shape used for a short distance. This device will be used to travel few meters not higher than 1m 
off the ground.

This environment metro that can reach any destination, my idea is that human enter travel pod and travel to exact places. Idea is that we can take private routes, as an example we take pod at work and travel to home exactly to the apartment.

TRAIN POD​​​​​​​
based on Dyson's patent, reinventing trains as the ultimate way of transportation in Polestar city. They are lightweight 4 person trains moving by wind power tunnels. In addition to the blades in the pedestal stand, the air multiplier also makes use of brushless electro motors, which rotates the asymmetrically-aligned blades. This provides for precise control of the speed of the fan while staying relatively quiet compared to brushed motors. The pedestal motor adds extra push to the fast-flowing air and shoots it up into the ring portion of the fan.

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Polestar city - future of transportation, made for Polestar contest 2040.