Pearl D'Souza
Project 1 - King of the Jungle?
SciArt inspired by ecological research papers showing hierarchy of organisms in the food chain. Revolves around the life cycle of the Spirometra parasite which has Zebra as primary host and Lion as secondary host.
The final piece is meant to express the lurking nature of parasitism and the mystery that it brings to the food chain. The Lion is unaware of the dangers this tiny symbiote possesses.
Date – December, 2020
Project 2 - Journey with Prof Mus Mus
As the graphic editor of the SciXplore website, I was responsible for the creation of Illustrative content. The aim of the main Illustration is to convey the concept of the blog, that is, exploring the world of science in a fun way, with articles from various disciplines in STEM.
Multiple changes needed to be made to the drafts in order to make the Illustrations more inclusive and representative. Firstly, showing a male or female scientist would show inclination to a particular gender. Thus, I decided to create a mascot for the blog that would be relatable to all scientists. This thought lead to the creation of Professor Mus Mus. They were created to honor the contribution of lab mice to scientific research. The name Mus Mus comes from the scientific name for lab mice - .
Date - May, 2020
Project 3 - Playing with Animation
As a part of my Illustration course at Nottingham Trent University, I took up the an optional module for animation. The 2 month long module covered aspects on 2d and 3d animation that I had never thought to explore. The brief encouraged us to create animations without forcing a narrative or worrying too much about a story. This created more room to play and get used to animation softwares.
After a month of intense primary and secondary research, the following animation was created. With a bat-like character flying across the screen and interacting with the objects in the animation. It explored various methods of creating motion videos while maintaining the casual narrative of “play”.
Project 4 - Darwin's Finches in Evolution
Creating a book was a part of my final assignment for an ‘Imagemaking’ course on Coursera. Through the 4 weeks of the course, I created rough sketches, moodboards, and collected ideas. I also created multiple spreads keeping in mind hierarchy, space, scale, and figure. I tried to use compositional narratives to create dynamic spreads that tell a story.
Further, I picked this project up again in my First year at University. Through this zine, I have attempted to convey the concepts in Evolution by playing around with the composition and placement of elements. As we flip through the zine, we see the evolution of the finches, along with Darwin’s theory. The various narratives depict different elements of divergent evolution and having a common ancestor.
Experimental Animation 
I find animation quite fascinating and am still in awe of how much of a difference it can make when your images move. Bringing new life to my illustrations on after effects brings a kind of satisfaction that cannot be replicated.
When I do not have any particular projects or internships to work on, I like to practice my drawing skills by looking at interesting objects around me. This helps me develop my observational skills as science illustrators need to be very particular and detail oriented.
These are a part of my 2020 sketchbook.
Exploring Illustration styles
Technical Skills
This animation was created on After Effects, as a part of a project for the prompt “Beautiful Mundane”. The aim of the project was to explore mundane actions and how they could feel special or magical.
Date – October, 2022
These three images are part of a narrative that speaks about the Indian society in three parts – ‘By the people, for the people’ (Politics) , ‘Shared reality’ (social media), and ‘Zoom into reality’ (Economic inequality)
Date - July, 2020
Other Illustration Projects
This editorial illustration was made for an article on the COVID-19 pandemic and the working of the virus. The article can be found here.
Date – January, 2021
Commissioned by the National Centre for Biological Sciences, this poster was made for the Indian Pollinator Initiative, to promote a series of student talks.
Date - July, 2021
As part of an ongoing project, these illustrations were created as concept art for a zine idea based on Living a good life and the concept of growth.
Date – March, 2023
These images are a part of a major project undertaken by IpsaWonders, illustrating a science textbook for Azim Premji University in India. 2021

Traditional Pieces
This master copy was created after studying horse anatomy, in order to understand the muscle movements of the animal. The original painting is Saddlebreds Three by Jeanne Newton Schoborg.
Medium- Oil on Canvas (48 x 26) inches
Date - June, 2018
This painting is a modern Rajasthani style painting, inspired by a photograph of three women fetching water from a well. The image showed vibrant colors and it was interesting to try and express it as a painting.
Medium- Oil on Canvas (24 x 30 inches)
Date - April, 2016
This painting is a colour study done by looking at a photograph from Pinterest. I started off with making a Greyscale painting of the photograph to understand the colour values. Then I painted the second image using only the Greyscale painting as reference.
Date - January, 2020
Pages from 2022 sketchbook