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"Meen Homma?" | Stereotype Egyptians
الهدف الأساسي بتاع ثورة مصر إنه يسقط النظام السياسي، بس حاجة يمكن بنفس الأهمية هي إسقاط المفاهيم والاعتقادات الإجتماعية المصرية الفاسدة. الغرض من الحملة دي، طبعاً مش إنها تغير مفهوم الناس على طول كدة، لأن المفاهيم اللي بقالها سنين مش هتتغير فجأة. إنما على الأقل طرح الموضوع، اللي عمره متناقش قبل. كدة, وإسقاط الضوء عليه، هيخلي الناس تقف وتفكر و لوحتى لحظة
الموضوع دة مهم جداً لأن سبب أساسي من أسباب تأخرنا أو تخلفنا عن مجتمعات تانية كتير، هي الاعتقادات والعادات اللي لسة بيؤمن بها كتيرمن المصريين. ولسوء الحظ، المفاهيم الخاطئة ملهاش علاقة بالفئة الإجتماعية أو حتى التربية أو المستوى الثقافي. لأن الأفكار ديه مترسخة في المجتمع المصري بجميع فئاته من سني
الحملة دي هدفها الأساسي هو محاربة التعميم، والحكم على الناس، وكمان العنصرية في التفكير. محاولة توعية و تصحيح الأفكار الراجعية بس مش في الشكل التقليدي، عشان الناس تقبل بعض من غير شروط أو توقعات معينة، وتبدأ فعلاً تفكر إنها تغير طريقة تفكرها أو نظزتها على الآخرين
.فكر، إقبل، اتغير
A post-revolution project ; a social awareness poster design editorial campaign with the purpose to re-correct misleading egyptian/religious and social misconceptions. One of the important factors of the egyptian revolution is not only to change the corrupt political system but also  to eradicate and positively change the corrupt fixed social and cultural beliefs. The main concept of the campaign is to correct/alter some of the traditional beliefs that are the main reasons of slowing down the development of intellect in the egyptian society and that are main causes of holding its progress way back. The project aims for changing cultural misconceptions/beliefs, combat stereotyping/labeling, generalization(breaking the rule), racism. promote social acceptance, diversity/wider perception and human awareness. Unfortunately, these misconceptions have nothing to do with education/social class, instead, it have been fixed over the years by the way we have been raised, surrounded by these misleading thoughts.
Thus the target group is definitely cover most of ages and social classes of the egyptian population. The Project is called “meen homa?” or in english “Who are they?”.
Think, Accept, Change.

"Meen Homma?" was exhibited at " In the City " ; London, an absorbing graphic design and sound art exhibition which provides a rare glimpse into four Arab cities. 
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"Meen Homma" went as a viral online campaign on social media platforms as well as online magazines as well as Local newspapers.
Left: Who says your “spoiled” if you go to a private university?
Right: Who says a “man’s” words aren’t negotiable?
Left: Who says a “man” shouldn’t grow his hair?
Right: Who says a belly dancer is a “slut”?
Left: Who says a guy is “gay” just because he’s wearing pink?
Right: Who says a “man” has to be muscular?
Left: Who says you’re a “man” if you take your rights by force?
Right: Who says a high GPA means you had to study medicine or engineering?
Left: Who says it’s “inappropriate” for a girl to say she has her period?
Right: Who says you’re “crazy” if you go to a psychiatrist?
Left: Who says that a guy and girl sitting together means they are in a relationship?
Right: Who says that you’re not a “man” if you cry?
Left: Who says all women can’t drive?
Right: Who says that every secretary has to be having an affair with her boss?
Who says that if you’re over thirty, you’re a “spinster”?
Who says that anyone who works in the Gulf is a millionaire?
Who says a woman with a loud laugh is a “ho”?
Who says that a girl who goes home late is a “slut”?
Who says a “man” shouldn’t take money from women?
Who says that a girl who smokes is “indecent”?
Who says wearing too much makeup makes you “indecent”?
Who says that a divorced woman will be unfair to her kids?
Who says that a girl who cuts her hair short is a “tomboy”?
Who says it’s “rude” to talk about sex?
Stencil and illustration
"In The City" Exhibition ; London.
Al Tahreer Newspaper
"Meen Homma?" | Stereotype Egyptians

"Meen Homma?" | Stereotype Egyptians

A book and posters about the stereotype Egyptians who build their opinions and values upon things that they just grew up on without questioning i Read More