This Lambretta is a personal favourite of mine, you may recognise it from some of my photographs taken at last years Brighton mod weekend. I was lucky enough to photograph the scooter again and you can see the images below.
The scooter belongs to Daniele Savare'. After completing the 'lights and mirrors' Series 3, Daniele decided to have something different made, following a more 'personal' project. He took inspiration from the kustom kulture of the 50s and 60s, combined with Classic American cars, mixed up in a Mod perspective.
The Lambretta is a 1960 TV Series 2. Which was tuned up in the 70s by the Italian Paganelli and used for racing. The original engine was sold to partially finance the project and was then replaced with a NOS unbranded TV200 engine.
Rimini Lambretta centre then started working on the scooter. Daniele wanted the large use of chroming and striking paintjob to be the strong point of the scooter. Along with the custom made exhaust, Giuliari Sidewinder seat, Ancillotti modified manifold and the cyclone 5 gearbox.
The metallescent paints were supplied by House of Kolors. After much thought, Daniele decided to choose a combination of gold and green, as a homage to his girlfriend's Country, Brasil. Incidentally, they met thanks to some Super Brazil accessories she brought back after a trip home, so more than one reason to celebrate!
The photographs were taken by The Scootographer © at Piazza Affari, Milan.
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A Brasileira SS200