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    Collaboration with Mian Ye Architecture Completed, 2014. Photos: Barak Pliskin, Mian Ye
Collaboration with Mian Ye Architecture
Completed, 2014.
This low budget fit out for a 30 person tech company in Virginia is looking to make a spatial impact with limited resources. The office ranges in services it provides, from client interface to telephone tech-support, requiring different physical spaces to accommodate activities of varied character and volume.
The office features closed executive offices and open plan bullpens, and seeks to promote collaboration through a series of lounges interspersed between the bullpens and transparent executive suites. The office also features two conference rooms that are wrapped in writable wall surfaces, creating a living canvas that records daily conversations on the. This allows formal and informal meetings to happen at the same time, increasing the range and functionality of the office. 
The entrance is marked by an oversized logo that stretches across the glass entrance doors – it partially obscures the reception desk, allowing clear views only through the company letters. Immediately behind the reception desk is a large kitchen and dining area for the employees that opens to a west facing terrace. Additional lounge spaces include an oversized product logo that people can sit and collaborate on, a large banquet and tables for visitors and clients in need of a ‘hot-desk’, and a projection area with moveable seats.