Noriosa packaging concept

Abstract and mysterious, those are the elements that make up the most amazing beauty, inspired by the images of our planet taken from the endless black space out there. It's abstract but also very attractive, mysterious and incredibly engaging, which is what we look for in a cosmetic brand and that was also the origin of a new cosmetic brand called NORIOSA.
Italy is the birthplace of the most luxurious and sophisticated brands in the world, NORIOSA is made up of two Italian words "Notte Misteriosa" ( mysterious night ). We want to create a brand with a simple name that emphasizes the sophistication and delicate of the name but is abstract, mysterious and luxurious with the brand image, the products are also researched by us. According to the above criteria, with the desire to easily interact with customers and create the characteristic of this brand.
You can have a beautiful skin, a beautiful face in different ways, we want our concept to give you all that in such a simple way, with Noriosa you just have to reach out and touch. Subtlety and efficiency are what you can imagine with this brand.
In the process of finding and preserving the wonderful values ​​in the woman's beauty, obstacles from the elements surrounding life will inevitably be avoided, Noriosa will make a difference and bring you get through those obstacles with the elements we put into the concept.
The texture on the concept is inspired by abstract structural images of the earth when viewed from the infinite universe and combined with the image of the galaxy to create patterns that can clearly show the properties. Characteristic of the brand.
For the skin on the woman's face, they all have simple requirements that is removing facial dirt, moisturizing  and giving the skin a smooth texture and have natural beautiful skin tone. Of course, with an abstract and mysterious image, this brand is also aimed at purity, elegant, product quality is always at the forefront with the characteristic and significance of the brand.
We want to create a contrast in brand image with the value that products bring to customers, chaos is something we pass to reach pure, wonderful beauty. Delight the user as much as possible with reflection that makes it a successful brand.
Our concept like spaceships reaching for mysteries, extraordinary things in the infinite universe, stars, meteors with undiscovered beauties are always what we seek. 

Go through the chaotic elements of the universe, like facing the competition in this cosmetics industry, everything will be perfect if we get through those things, just like in women beauty.  Every woman have a hidden beauty, and that beauty when discovered will become extremely precious and need to be preserved.
''You are the one who creates your own values. Be beautiful and happy and when the time is right, someone will exchange all the paint for your smile''.

Thank you for your contribution to our project.
Noriosa packaging concept
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HaPhan Ng (DuongT)