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    Creation of plaster-silica molds which were filled with glass and fired in a kiln to create a finished art piece.
Glass, it's for dessert.
The purpose of this project was an introduction into basic mold making using glass (which is then fired in a kiln) as a way to create...well, anything really. For some reason the first things that popped into my brain was cupcakes--they're fun, look cool, and everyone enjoys them. 

The first step was to actually create the cupcakes out of clay. I used real cupcake liners and pushed clay into them in order to get that liner detail. Then, using softer clay, created my own icing bag using an empty plastic bag and squeezed the softer clay onto the tops of the cupcake bases as if it were real icing. I then added bits of decoration and the clay portion was finished.

The mold making process was done by using a plaster-silica mix which was poured over the cupcakes (individually), capturing every detail of the clay. Once the plaster-silica was fully set and cured, the clay is dug out (probably the most tedious part) and the molds were ready to be filled with glass and fired. 

To display them, I wanted to bring out the fun and "colorfulness" that cupcakes have. I found some wine glasses and martini glasses that were different sizes and used them as stands for the cupcakes by turning them upside down. To bring the color I used fondant as a way to cover up the glasses and added a whimsical look to them by creating drips and swirls. In doing so, I wanted the glass pieces to be seen as glass pieces and separate from the colorful pedestals while the pedestals gave the over all presentation a sense of excitement and color.