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    on the 8th day of Dashain, the biggest hindu festival.
 In Nepal, the Kumari (the living virgin goddess) is regarded as personification of the Goddess Taleju. She sits on her throne with her attendants and is always dressed in red, there's always third eye on her painted red forehead. She is considered as manifestation of divine female energy.
As a female goddess, she possesses power like that of Taleju (Durga), the divine universal-mother goddess. 
Devotees believes she will bring them good luck in their lives. 
These are some of the photographs I took on the 8th day of the Hindu festival Dashain. 
Kumari as a female deity is worshipped as the living virgin goddess, the defender of the living beings.
A woman receiving blessings from Kumari. 
Elderly people receiving blessings from Kumari on the eighth day of biggest festival Dashain. 
Don't run alone in the street 
First let her walk on the path she chooses. And then judge after. 
Don't follow a stranger. 
Be shy to a stranger.