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    A spec campaign for Bertolli based on a live Idea Bounty brief.
OldItaly meets New Italy. Despite their differences, they still appreciate thefiner things in life.
Bertolli helpsyou maintain a healthy and balanced diet, giving you more opportunity to enjoyand celebrate what's important - family, fun and fulfilment.
Rural grandparents go tovisit their urban dwelling offspring and grandchildren in a plush Milanapartment, filled with some of the most erudite examples of cutting edgeItalian design
·        ModernItalian Design: sleek, contoured couture
·        Italiancity, cramped, built up, crowded, noisy – lots of traffic
·        ParochialRural Vs Sophisticated Urban
·        OlderGeneration experiences the lives of a Younger Generation
Update the brand bytapping into a different perspective of Italian heritage – stylish urbanmodernity – without neglecting the brand’s rustic roots.
DESCRIPTION          : TV – 30”
DATE                          : 030311
IDEATITLE                :  Città e Provincia
Early morning, an old car travelsalong a remote, dusty country highway in rural Italy. The driver and passenger,an elderly couple, pass by olive groves and a sign indicating theirdestination, Milan, is several hundred kilometres away.
VO: Like the olive grovesof southern Italy, the branches of the family tree grow far and wide
The old man at the wheelyawns, so his wife shows him a picture of their son and his family who they aregoing to visit, before producing a light snack, olives, cheese and spreads Bertollion some ciabatta bread for him. He smiles at her gratefully.
A few hours later, the oldwoman is now at the wheel as the car rolls into heavy traffic in the city. Shepeers worriedly over the steering wheel, overwhelmed by the aggressive natureof other drivers.
The old man is asleep in thefront seat next to her, his Panama hat covering his face. A series of car hornsbeep in unison, waking him suddenly, as he comes too, realising where they are,as they pull up outside a smart apartment building.
VO: But the roots remaindeep...
Their adult son, a smartlydressed designer/architect opens the door to his plush Milan home. He and hisbeautiful, chic wife kiss the old couple repeatedly on both cheeks, and leadthem into the apartment, which filled with some of the most erudite examples ofcutting edge Italian design – everyday objects that just don’t seem to make anysense to the older couple who eye the surroundings suspiciously – unwieldystyle over substance furniture.
Rather than rush to greetthem, the opened armed grandparents are dismayed to find their grandchildrenplaying computer games and surfing the net, than running around playing. Life’svery different here to the one they know.
VO: Despite ourdifferences, we all have one thing in common – our love of food
However as lunch isprepared, it’s evident that something’s right – they sit down to an al frescobalcony lunch and Bertolli is a key component. The grandparents producepresents from the country for the hosts – some traditional Italian cheese andwine from back home, candy and outdoor toys – a football – for the children,and all is well.
The grandfather then picksup a rather bewildering, design heavy implement he can’t make any sense of orfind any use for. It turns out it’s a very simple to use object – a bottleopener ­– that he has upside down.
VO: Bertolli. Designed foreveryone to enjoy
I seethis campaign as the starting point for a longer-term brand narrative. Whilethe ideas submitted are designed to be standalone ads, I’d like to introduce atraditional Italian family – The Bertollis – who would feature in these andfuture ad campaigns.
The ideawould thus have longevity through the narrative progression of each character,each of whom would feature in different ads over the course of several years. Ialso see that there’d be potential in making each family member accessible viasocial and location-based media – essentially, make them real people thatconsumers can interact with, and look to for advice and conversation.
The modern Italian family, close-knit in sentiment, but physicallydistanced from each other. However, they’re still able to maintain some familytraditions, despite their differences. These revolve around fun, family andfood.
The parents – Silvio and Cecilia – live in a rural village in theSouth of Italy. In their 60’s
Children – three sons and a daughter.
Eldest son – Marco, 42 - lives in a large town close to hisparents. Works as an official for the municipal government. Married. Twin sons.Parents find him uptight, and often look to him for favours, and for him to usehis local influence, which he finds difficult.
Middle son – Ettore, 37, an architect living in Milan, with hiswife, two young daughters and a son. Loves modern design. Parents find hisurban life totally at odds with what they’re used to.
Daughter – Enza, 34, a fashion designer, lives in Paris, gettingmarried – finally – to a Frenchman – who has a daughter from a previousmarriage. Career driven. Little time for much else, or so it seems. Parents areproud, but don’t really understand – or approve of her life.
Youngest son – Salvatore, 26. Lives at home with his parents.Lazy, but a playboy in his own world. Lots of friends. Works with his fathertending the olive groves. Lovable, rugged and handsome. Parents put up with hiserrant ways in order to keep him close by.
La Famiglia di Bertolli
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Foursquare
Create profiles for eachcharacter across each of these channels and have them interact with each otherand consumers. Needless to say, there’s endless scope here for content andthese are some very top-line ideas.
By establishing theseprofiles, there’s ample opportunity to leverage additional online activity,such as a Facebook ‘soap opera’ which would see the characters debate a pointof contention from a TVC online, inviting consumers to join in.
Twitter could be the ideaplatform to align the brand with Mediterranean cookery, The mother of thefamily could answer cooking dilemmas, giving tips and advice.
On YouTube, exclusivepre-broadcast ads could be shown, and an online TV show developed – a familydrama involving the characters and their relationships – as well as a cookeryshow.
Using Foursquare,characters could leave tips in specific restaurants and supermarkets, torecommend particular dishes and menu ingredients.
Each pack of Bertolliwould have an AR glyph (QR code) on it, that when held up to a webcam, playsthe most recent TV on the computer screen.
Prior to the TV adsairing, introduce each family member of the through a series of print ads,simply showing their name, a few lines about them, and a link to their Facebookprofile in order to encourage consumers to engage with them via their socialnetworks avatars.