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    Design of ornaments: Velid Hodzic Design of Calligraphy: Elvis Hajdarevic Painting: Elvis & Velid
About the Project
The mosque was built in 1549. which in itself says that it is an old building. During the last renovation of the building, to Elvis and Velid were given the opportunity to work on the renovation of gypsum substrates, as well as the design and painting of wall decoration.
The ornamentation is largely based on inspired by historical styles, like the Chinase-inspired Hatayi as well as the Rumi designs. The color palette is neither exaggerated nor high contrast, but rather adopts pastel tones and multiple shades of brown.
Designer: Velid Hodzic (Ornamental pattern design, color design)
Designer: Elvis Hajdarević (Calligraphy design)
Completion Date: 2013
Client: Mosque community “Hrid”
Photographer: Velid Hodzic
Thank you for your appreciation.