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TRAM 2030 - driverless autonomous tram concept
Tram 2030
This projects concludes my bachelor studies in industrial product design.
It is a tram designed specifically for the future of my hometown Dresden in Germany.
This study level project should not depict a soon-to-be-real design but furthermore be a collection of ideas for future urban tram vehicles.

Bachelor Thesis at HTW Dresden
Duration: 12 weeks​​​​​​​

Future Scenario
The development of autonomous vehicles for private use will pose major challenges for cities around the world: Passengers will prefer the convenience and flexibility of self-driving taxis to the public transportation.
While today inner-city traffic is fairly balanced across means of transportation, according to various industry reports it will shift strongly in favour of autonomous individual traffic.
With the help of small autonomous vehicles, that are fitted for different target groups the public transport operator can respond flexibly to specific peaks in demands. Routes and frequencies can be varied and the vehicles can be adapted to specific user needs. 
In particular, cities like Dresden, which already have a well-developed rail infrastructure, can offer more attractive and ecological transportation.​​​​​​​
As the project had to be done within 12 weeks I focused the interior design of the vehicles to just one target audience: short distance commuters. 
Other vehicle designs that target different audiences such as long distance commuters, families, impaired people or even goods are possible.

Exterior Design
The exterior design should create a closed, congruent image across all different vehicle units.The design of the vehicles should fit into as well as complement the cityscape and corporate identity of the city of Dresden.

Dresden is defined by a mixture of historically baroque forms and modern, technologically progressive accents. The city positions itself as the technological leader of the region both aspects should be communicated with the design.
Final Exterior Design
The design is defined through long continuous curves. while the asymmetrical distribution of the glass surfaces, flared engine housings and angled projecting displays create a new but functionally justified appearance.

Interior Design
As part of this project the interior is adapted to the target group 'short-distance commuters'.
They only travel a few stops and are mostly alone or in small groups. Sitting comfort is less important to them. Instead they value comfortable entering, enough capacity and modern passenger information systems in the vehicle

By adapting the sensation of bars and cafés and in particular the bar as a place of communication, a social atmosphere that is new to public transport can be created.
Final Interior Design
Handles attached to a floating ceiling gondola and cantilevered handrails eliminate vertical bars and create an open space. 
Handrails and standing-seats are equipped with footrests to enable multiple new standing positions. To enhance the security of passengers the cantilevers have bright yellow caps and areas where there are obstacles feature dark blue flooring.
Interior Design Details
Dark blue flooring and bright yellow contrasts to the bright andoized aluminium and floorings show areas where there is potential risk of injury.
The ceiling is covered by a large gondola that indirectly lights the ceiling and features a pattern that incorporates direct lighting as well as air conditioning vents. 
The gondola also provides railing to the overhead handles that due to their oval profile cant swivel but freely slide around it.

Some Renderings showing the tram in its natural environment.
A nice detail for usability is that thanks to the standardised length of each vehicle the locations of the doors are consistent and can be marked directly on the tram stops walkway which enhances the boarding experience not just for blind people.
Thank you very much
i appreciate any feedback and comments 
and feel free to share or like this project.
TRAM 2030 - driverless autonomous tram concept

TRAM 2030 - driverless autonomous tram concept

Bachelor Thesis. Autonomous tram design for the german city of Dresden featuring dedicated vehicle designs for different target groups. Shown in Read More