2020 has put everything to the test and has challenged us with how we think of experiences, so when Verizon and The Met approached us to find a way to deliver a groundbreaking new experience with The Metropolitan Museum of Art while engaging with live audiences in a safe and meaningful way, we did what had to be done: completely rewrite the rules of engagement.

By blurring the line between physical and virtual, and using the digital layer as connective tissue, we were able to craft a unique experience that allows users and art enthusiasts to be transported into the heart of the Met and explore it as if they were truly there. Leveraging on webAR and immersive 360 environments, we recreated a faithful true to scale replica of iconic spaces within the Met and created a newly imagined space within which fans could freely move around,  interact with the art, and learn about art history.

Part AR, part game, part virtual tour, the experience included a dozen galleries and the renowned Great Hall entirely created in collaboration with the Met staff. Visitors were put to the test in order to complete educational challenges and mini-games. Users who proved to be worthy competitors were able to qualify as art loaners, unlocking the ability to receive a digital version of selected artworks to be loaned and displayed on their own private walls in AR, but only for a limited amount of time.

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband users had the ability to unlock special features, custom-designed to take advantage of the extreme speed delivered by the Verizon network, and allowing them to dive even deeper into the art world.

The Met Unframed provides the opportunity to experience art in innovative new ways, envisioning new ways of what it means to visit a museum. So if you can’t go to the Met, we’ll bring an interactive version of Met to you.

Users can access other galleries from within a gallery through a doorway portal interface. 
They can see if the other galleries are still locked (and when they would be unlocked) or accessible.

Uncover the Secrets!
Use a lens to scan the painting a look for clues. The user has three tools at his disposal: a UV lens, an IR lens and a magnifying glass. He can swap between them by tapping a dedicated icon. By tapping and dragging over the painting, the user can scan parts of it in search for the hidden insights. Once one of them is uncovered, a text will appear explaining that detail and how many points are left to be found. The bar at the bottom shows how close the user is to the next point. The user has to find all the hidden insights to complete the challenge.

Rule of Thirds
Compose the painting out of pieces, following the composition lines. This puzzle would work great with art that has clear composition lines following the Rule of Thirds.
Players drag and rotate the pieces to combine them together into the final painting.
Viewers will learn about the basics of composition and identify the Rule of Thirds in paintings.

Zoom & Spot
Another fun and engaging puzzle mechanism that highlights the fine details in artworks, where users are asked to zoom in and pinpoint a target. Viewers are invited to take a closer look at the paintings, thoroughly inspecting it and discovering the finer details. This can be targeted to reveal specific details of paintings that are of special interest, therefore educating the user with these insights.

Know Your Colours
Select the most common colours in the artwork, in the order from most to least frequently used.  Viewers analyse the art piece from a colour composition point of view, noticing proportions and how colours are used.

Mission Restoration
Carefully drag over the torn and destroyed parts of a painting to return it to its original state. Follow the lines carefully, in a steady motion. Moving too fast or out of line will damage the painting, resulting in failure. Viewers will have a tease of the motion of painting.

Solve the Riddle
Find out a 6-letter answer to a riddle by observing an artwork in detail. Enter the password by rotating cryptex slots to form a word. Players rotate the object or move around the painting to follow its story and discover the details they need to solve the riddle. This challenge will help them memorise the artwork and build on their knowledge of it.

Lights Out (Spatial Game)
Upon activating this puzzle, the player is equipped with a blacklight ‘attached’ to the phone. It can be activated by tapping a button. When active, the entire scene goes dark and a beam of ultraviolet light overlay is displayed. By looking around, the player will find previously invisible numbers painted around the room. These numbers form a 4-digit password that needs to be entered to unlock the art piece. The secret codes are dates significant to the painting or the painter - viewers are inclined to learn more about their importance.

The Loan Logic
Gaining exclusive rights to an art piece lies at the core of the project, however to ensure the best possible user experience we have explored multiple approaches to the challenge.

The MET: Unframed


The MET: Unframed