This is the second issue of DELVE Magazine that I've been involved with as layout editor, and a major advance over the previous one (you can view it here in my portfolio). I received a lot of feedback following the March-April issue, and spent a few months trying out various new layout ideas before getting stuck into putting this issue together.
The biggest change (literally) was moving to A3 landscape formatting, which opened up more room for showcasing the artwork being feature. I also devised a colour-coding and labelling scheme for different types of content, along with consistent caption boxes. Although I didn't write any articles myself for this issue, I did a fair bit of work converting the two online tutorials to a magazine format, as well as tracing out the emoticon graphics used in the 'Quintessential Newb' column.
Cover page - logo created by me, cover image by Cesar Rosolino Pasqualinotto
Editorial page - words by Eva Schlehahn.
Contents page.
Staff & contributors page.
'Quintessential Newb' column by G C Lewis. The emoticon figures are based on those used on the art site deviantART, and were sketched by Eva Schlehahn before being converted into vector form by yours truly.
An example of one of the feature pages - wherever possible, I tried to ensure that each page was completely filled by at least one image.
Feature page with two images.
Where an image wouldn't fill the page, I aimed to balance out the empty space around it as best I could.
This was one of the two tutorials that were featured in the magazine. Originally, this was a single large image file over in H.A.T. Broers' gallery on deviantART - Marie Jade transcribed the words, whilst I broke up the various steps and rearranged the images to create a proper magazine layout.
You can download the full magazine to view at your leisure here. Please let me know what you thing!