Mercedes C-Class with Clemens Ascher
Recom Farmhouse is proud to show you an epic project, a year in the making. This extraordinary campaign for the new Mercedes C-Class takes the concept of a car as a comfort zone and pushes it to a level previously undreamed of. Spearheaded by Antoni Garage art director Tim Grötzinger, photographer Clemens Ascher and set designer Daryl McGregor, all working together with Recom Farmhouse, the team invented different characters and visualised their personal comfort zones – deconstructing their interests and places of longing, and building these as immersive set installations set against CGI city backgrounds. 
Client: Mercedes-Benz
Photographer: Clemens Ascher

Agency: Antoni Garage 
Art Director: Tim Grötzinger, Lidia Koesling
Creative Director: Christian Kies, Christopher Hoene
Executive Creative Director: Tilman Gossner, Marcell Franke
Creative Producer: Negin Ghanizadeh

Set Design: Daryl McGregor
Studio: Inmotion Studios
Digital Operator: Jorge Dieguez
Casting: Dominik Wimmer
Models: Eva BerzinaScott Licznerski, Eny Jaki, Oliver Kludjeson
Styling: Sina Braetz
Hair and Makeup: Ute Hildenbeutel
First Assistant: Max Rempe
Production: Always Everything
Photographer's Agent: Schierke

Recom Farmhouse Team: 
CGI Artists: Michael Bonnington, Anna Toropova, Marvin Lübke, Max Maßloh, Richard Jenkinson, Sebastian Schierwater / Recom Farmhouse & Recom Berlin

Post Artists: Pepê Alram, Aljaz Bezjak, Kate Brown, Maria Luisa Calosso, Chloe Dodds / Recom Farmhouse

Animation Compositor: Felix Baesch

Thanks to: Benedikt Hoell, Friend & Johnson
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Mercedes C-Class with Clemens Ascher