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    Title design for Markus Imhoof's documentary film. Award winner of Deutscher Filmpreis 2013 in the category "Bester Dokumentarfilm".
Honey Bees’ importance to our world has only recently been recognised. The ever-industrious insects do way more than produce a nice spread for our toast, they play a massive role agriculturally too.
Some scientists have even suggested that if the Bee were to disappear from our planet, it would be a struggle for us to survive. So, how can such a hugely important piece of our survival puzzle be at such high risk?
Swiss producer Markus Imhoof, winner of the German Film Prize 2013 for Best Documentary Film, looks into the mysterious mass extinction of an insect whose function is highly underestimated in agriculture.
His film, ‘More Than Honey’ beautifully captures the unseen life of the miniature production animals.
To amplify the amazing camera work, we developed the entire title sequence for the documentary, staging the titles minimalistically within a sea of bees, allowing the bees’ dominance to set up the tonality of the film.
Official film Website: www.morethanhoney.senator.de
Winner of the Deutschen Filmpreises 2013 (German Movie Award 2013): "Best Documentary Film"
Design, Animation:
Christian T. Remiger

Buch & Regie:
Markus Imhoof

zero one film, Allegro Film, Thelma Film, Ormenis Film

zero film – Tassilo Aschauer

CinePostrproduction, Berlin
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