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    Animated info graphics visualising the BER II research reactor’s function for Berlin’s Helmholtz Center
(Video only available in German)
Although Germany has deactivated most of its power plants, it’s vital for researchers to be able to access the core of the defunct reactor to conduct experiments. BER II is one such deactivated reactor now being used for top-quality research.
With such a field of work in a highly politically charged environment, it’s important for people to completely understand the necessity of the research as well as the safety procedures in place to prevent any damage to the local area. We developed the film to do just that. Clearly and succinctly describing the safety measures of the reactor using simple, clean shapes to match the clear script.
Scenes from the film
Production Company:
Hoppenhaus & Grunze Medien, Berlin/Germany

Christian Remiger, Christian Buntrock

Patrick Poelchau, Christian Buntrock

Christian Remiger
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin