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    Entry for NDG Asian Contest 2013. Country: Singapore. A design for Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio skin.
NDG Asian Contest 2013
3rd Winner - Singapore Top 5 Finalists
Sweet Pleasure
The concept of this artwork is basically related to the name of the brand “Dolce Gusto” which literally means sweet taste in Italian. Through this artwork I want to show the pleasure of having your favorite drink no matter who you are and what you do. People in the illustration are closing their eyes, enjoying the (coffee) fragrance. Their faces show satisfaction and happiness as they could enjoy their favorite beverage during break time, working time, or shopping time. I used bright colors to represent happiness, youth, and casualness. Grunge texture is also used to give a little bit of vintage touch, as coffee was one of the favorable drinks from olden days and has become the most consumed beverage in the world today.
Rough Sketch
Inked Artwork
Color Scheme
Illustration Applied on Mug
Illustration Applied on NDG Genio 
'Vote Me' Bookmarker
Thank you to everybody who had voted me in the contest. Although I did not win the grand prize, I did enjoy every single step in the design process. Hopefully I could do something like this again in the future :)