A collection of illustrations aimed at children's picture books. They are initially hand drawn and coloured with either traditional pencils, or paints. I use photoshop for enhancement with digital painting and effects.
Between the Moon & the Earth
Pencil sketches inspired by book ‘Between the Moon and Earth’ created for Lancashire ‘Litfest’ 2010 competition. I was shortlisted to 6 from 250 entries. The author had supplied a list of inspirational key words which could be drawn from to create the scenes.
Hand drawn pencil and colour with Adobe Photoshop enhancement
Children’s Book
I am working on my own children’s illustrated picture book, which I have written myself. I attended a 3 day course run by illustrator Korky Paul, to learn how to place text and illustrations in a picture book format, whilst creating an entertaining story.
Hand drawn, watercolours and ink
Ink and pen drawings for an 'Inktober' social media sketch-a-day project, using simple black and white doodle styles.
Mellow Yellow
Sketched and painted for greetings cards and art prints.
Hand drawn, acrylic paint on canvas