Moj With Ritviz

"Moj" is a short-video format app developed in India. We were tasked with creating 2 videos to announce 2 sound-tracks created for the platform by Indian Musician & Record producer "Ritviz".

The videos were primarily going to be seen in the "Moj" app itself along with other
social media platforms like Instagram & Youtube.

We wanted to develop a simple, energetic and fun identity for the video.
we took UI elements from the app, used them as graphic elements and brought them to life with 3D. These 3D assets can further be used for various brand applications.
The brand colours were used throughout the video.
A Bold and energetic approach was taken for the animation to connect with the
audience and go with the equally energetic tracks being released.​​​​​​​

Existing UI Elements

Existing Emoji Set

3D Renditions

Design Frames

Client: Sharechat 
Sound: Ritviz
2D & 3D Design: Rishabh Gandhi
Animation & Editing: Raz Gadhiya

Thank you!

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Instagram: R_squarre

Moj with Ritviz