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    Creating small-scale social movements on college campuses in India to drive youth towards political awareness.
Design Thesis: MFA Design for Social Innovation, School of Visual Arts, New York

While a large percent of the voting population of India takes part in the elections, there are still some sectors that are not too active in the process. One of those sectors are the first-time voters or the people between the ages of 18-23 at the time of the election. This range of people are students in colleges, and for some of them this is the first time they are living away from home.

From being in that situation myself, I realised that a large percent of these people (including me at the time) were quite apathetic to politics in the country. The reasons vary from 'I don't understand the system' to 'I don't really care' to 'My vote won't matter anyway'. But, what is really great about college campuses is that there are strong knit communities of people who affect each others lifestyle and behaviours in positive ways. 

I wanted to explore these communities and the leaders that emerge in those systems, with the possibility of creating small-scale social movements on college campuses in India. 

The project was prototyped and piloted on one campus in Pune, India - MAEER's MIT Institute of Design. 
(Forever grateful to the Votever on-ground team: Akhil, Ritu, Chirag, Joydeep, Himanshi, Sarah, Maanas, Omkar, Arpit and anyone else who helped turning this from a project to reality)

For a link to the complete documentation of the project, please email me at tanyabhandari24@gmail.com
Photographs & Documentation by: Dhruv, Manik, Navin & Shweta