Venezuelan Prisons

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  • The project consists of the creation of a poster made to promote a collective concern about a particular social issue. Venezuelan prisons are a topic that I am interested in for my graduate thesis. There are many problems surrounding the realities in Venezuelan prisons. These problems consist of drug trafficking, extreme violence, increased use of weapons, and no rehabilitation available for the prisoners. One of the biggest problems is the number of prisoners themselves. The number of prisoners has greatly increased to a figure that is currently impossible for the Venezuelan government to regulate control. My area of focus is to show the more terrible side of the Venezuelan prisons. I play with figure- ground in where blood was shed for the typography, and flows down into the the hands. The goal is to increase international help and to inform the world about the reality of what happens in Venezuelan prisons. The red and black typography in the fence suggests the terrible conditions of what the inmates of the prisons are faced with. The typography with its aesthetically sharp edges and black color intensifies the pain. The hand stands as a metaphor for prisoners, human rights activists and concerned people everywhere.