Day or night, recipe ideas served up to suit your mood and schedule.
Hosting a party? Looking for lunch ideas? Stuck for time? With categories like Celebration, Get Prepared and On-the-Go we worked with Dietitians of Canada to build an app that differentiated itself not only with its energetic and fun discovery process but by providing healthy recipes backed by professional dietitians, complete with full nutritional information about the recipes themselves.
After exploring a few totally bonkers names like Moodie Foodie and Cooks, we landed on the much brighter Cookspiration and finalized the brand work for this cross-platform experience. Initially launching as an iOS app and on the web, Cookspiration’s popularity picked up in a matter of months and Dietitians of Canada continued to increase its number of available recipes as we expanded the work to include releases to iPad and Android with all of the new UX considerations that requires.

We utilized iconography as core to the recipe discovery process, creating a vast set of icons to match fun categories like Blazing BBQ, Fill Me Up and Kids Choice. Having already dialled down into these categories, the overall brand design system intentionally pushes food photography centre stage with a menu full of fresh, healthy ideas that inspire (rather than overwhelm) all of our new home cooks. At this point, the logo really does speak for itself - no more meal planning headaches.. time to enjoy!
Launching March 2014 the response was overwhelmingly positive with dietitians across the country being asked to demonstrate the app on news and television shows. By May 2014, Cookspiration became the #1 download in Apple’s “Food & Beverage” category and later we were contacted by Apple to create further App Store collateral as they featured it among their “Best New Apps” of 2014.​​​​​​​
Cookspiration App