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    A self- experiment for typography.
I bought this book, Playing with Type by Lara McVormick, not so long ago. It is a very helpful book for a typography beginner like me to improve my skills. In the book, the one experiments that attract me was the "Six Word Story". Basically, all I have to do is to tell a story in six words and talk about something that is happening in my life. This is a few that I have created within these couple of days.
"Dont Wait For Inspiration, Create It!"
This quote, i couldn't remember where i've found it, is the quote that has forever change my views in designing. 

"Every Day Is A Beautiful Day."
This and the next after this one was actually kind of connected, see below.

"Is It Another Beautiful Day Wasted?"
Now, as you can see, these 2 are connected and actually act as a mock for me to be more productive everyday.

"Tin Kosong Memang Bunyi Lebih Kuat"
This is a malay proverb that i have always liked it since my school days. A direct translation of it would be "An Empty Can Is Always The Noisest". I had this light-buld moment of making the design into somewhat like an old biscuit can.
There will be more to come, thanks for watching! A little appreciation is much appreciated. colon, capital d.