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MTV Trans Lifeline
Motion Graphics
MTV + Trans Lifeline

I had the honor to team up with Studio Moross and lead this project under the creative direction of Kate Moross.

MTV’s +1 the Vote and Logo joined forces with non-profit organisation Trans Lifeline to develop a new micro-grant program to support Trans youth in changing their government ID documents to appropriately represent their gender identity. To showcase the importance of voter access for the LGBTQ+ community, they created an animated short that follows the journeys of three transgender and non-binary young people from across the United States as they reflect on the experiences of updating their government IDs and how this enables them to easily and safely participate in the upcoming election.

Role: Design and Animation Lead

Styleframes designed by me and Simone Noronha:
(lettering by Kate Moross)

Some of the shots I got to animate:
MTV Trans Lifeline