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    Miscellaneous t-shirts that don't fit easily into any other group.
Escher + Tattoos = I can't believe no one beat me to it.
This one is already close to a decade old, and I was already sick of skull graphics back then. But the customer is always right. So I lit my skull on fire and then turned the flames into flowers.
Made with a Clorox bleach pen and Soft Scrub, if I remember correctly.
I like this one a lot, although I don't really know what it's about. Sort of collegiate, sort of 1970's Pontiac, Michigan. Maybe a t-shirt from gym class at Burt Reynold's University?
From the same series. One of my favorites, they printed this one on a brown t-shirt, and so I never wear it, and so it's in storage. My brother was stationed with the US Army in Barstow, CA around this time. Original art.
From the same series as the above. A t-shirt for a gang from Queens. (Hey-Ho-Let's-Go.)
From the same series, this t-shirt got the most wide-spread recognition thanks to its starring (okay, supporting) role on American Idol. Original art.
I've had several t-shirts on several TV shows over the years, but most of them were in the days before Tivo. Thanks to my colleague and good friend Gabe for the photos.
This one is from a million years ago, but a lot of people must have bought it, because I still see it on the street every summer without fail. It was featured in some magazines at the time. The inspiration, in this as in many things, comes from my mom, who takes on Class V whitewater every summer up in Maine. Original art.
It pays to work for someone with advertising dollars to throw around.
(Left:) Jingoism got you down? Well, we may or may not be #1, but the USA is still A-OK! (Right:) New York City, on the other hand, looks like it's running a little low. If I could do this one over, I'd move the needle to the right.