Empowering athletes everywhere, Under Armour delivers the most innovative sports clothing, athletic shoes and accessories. They have a goal to help athletes improve worldwide.
An updated version of the current logo; based on overlapping circles, to give a smoother, rounded and more bold feel. The type is set in 'Exo' - 'Under' in Medium, and 'Armour' in DemiBold, which can be adjusted depending on the scale of the logo.
The new branding uses Exo as the central font, a bold alternative. This matches the deep red - not changed from the existing scheme and dark blue.
It features Under Armours slogan 'I WILL' as a key part of the brand. As a motivational phrase, this can be adapted in to many sports and goals. Below I illustrated an example for running, 'I will rule the road'. However other concepts were thought of - 'I will rule the court' for tennis, essentially just changing the last word allows a theme to flow.