Moscow's First Dates
Map of Moscow's first dates is a documentary art project that exists in two mediums:
as a riso-printed A1 map and an interactive online version.


The map consists of real stories told by people of different ages and backgrounds. 
There are 48 marks, showing where the dates took place from 1950 to 2017, each mark has a corresponding illustration on the back side of the map.

We talked with random people on the streets and on the internet, 
we asked our friends and family.
We got very different reactions: some people told us every little detail, while others didn’t remember their first date at all. One person said we should be ashamed to ask such intimate questions and refused to talk. Some people managed to start a relationship with no dates at all, some managed to go on a date without meeting each other in person.


9 people didn’t tell their names, 38 people didn’t tell their dates’ name, 13 people don’t remember their first date at all, 6 people never had one, 3 people got too emotional 
and refused to talk


It’s a foldable A1 map, riso-printed in red and pink, limited edition of 50. 
In Russian and English.

Map of Moscow's first dates is a collective work of eight artists:

Аня Берналь / Ania Bernal

Aнна Саруханова / Anna Sarukhanova

Анастасия Женуньк / Anastasia Zhenunk 

Наташа Гаврилова / Natalie Gavrilova

Полина Калашникова / Polina Kalashnikova

Юля Султанова / Yulia Sultanova

Мария Серебрякова / Maria Serebryakova

 Валерия Титова / Valerie Titova
The map took part in Deficit Art Fair 2019, Helsingin Sarjaakuva Festivali 2019, 
Moscow Urban Fest 2019 and was exhibited in Rovesnik 2020
Moscow's First Dates