Project: Behind the Man
Materials: Gouache, Nails, String
This is a mixed media project that I did for the Franklin Arts Festival which I called 'Behind the Man'. I wanted to show the comparison between a person's personality and the characteristics of an animal. String art is something that interested me so I wanted to try it out with paint. I painted gouache onto a 40cmx40cm wooden board that had already been primed white before drilling holes for the nails and finally stringing the face. Each point was mapped out on Photoshop to get an accurate depiction of the face. This was the first piece of work I have submitted to an art gallery and I am pleased to say that it sold on the opening night.
I also submitted this artwork to Semi Permanent and I was lucky enough to have it chosen and exhibited in their conference book for 2014.
Left: Working out the positioning of dots and where the string would be placed.
Right: The final placement of dots which was printed and stuck onto the board for accurate drilling.
Behind the Man