The Nike Blazer Holiday Campaign focused on women expressing their authenticity through self-assured style, unique self-expression, and bold creativity. The campaign features three inspiring women from around the world: Adwoa Aboah, a London-based activist and model, Ara Cho, a Seoul-based dancer and choreographer, and The Honeybeez, an Atlanta-based dance team.

“I know in myself what I am capable of doing. So that is success to me. As long as I accomplish those things, I don't really care what anyone thinks about it.” —Adwoa

Adwoa Aboah is a model and activist. She started Gurls Talk, an initiative to connect young women around issues such as mental health, education, and sexuality. She has been a force in creating safe spaces for young women to be comfortable in their own skin.

“I'm not here to please people. Perfection is being yourself. Be who you wanna be, wear what you wanna wear, and go big or go home.” —Asia

We originally told the Honeybeez story in our ‘Just Do It’ series and were fortunate to work with them again. Led by the incredible Anna Marshae, they have been breaking the stereotype of what it means to be a dancer while inspiring young women to boldly be themselves.

Ara Cho is a choreographer and dancer based in Seoul. She is a member of 1MILLION studio. Despite pressure to pursue other careers, Ara decided to become a dancer to share the positive energy of dance with others.

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Executive Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, Creative Director: Aimee Hoffman, Strategy: Jakki Thompson, Executive Producer: Kim Cross, Design Interns: Niya Bailey, Hanna La Salvia

Nike Team: Lydia Pang, Katie Price, Miyu Shirotsuka

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Editorial+Post Production: Forager, Editor: Jie Yi Asst Editor: Kamila Daurenova, 

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Styling Alabama: Rachael Wang, Glam Alabama: Jayson Glenn, Styling London: Julia Sarr Jamois, Glam London: Earl Simms, Michelle Boggs

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