From seed to fork, Butterfly Equity is a private equity firm specializing in the food sector. Working with Founders Adam Waglay and Dustin Beck, we created a manifesto video capturing the spirit of the brand along with a new website to better articulate their mission.

This manifesto film gives voice to the transformative mission behind Butterfly Equity, featuring the visionary people and sustainable processes they invest in. The film demonstrates the interconnectedness and holistic vision of Butterfly Equity.

Working with Mark Mahaney, we captured elevated editorial photography highlighting the people and places behind the production of these sustainable foods.

Credits ↓

Film: Creative Director: Aimee Hoffman, Lead Producer: Scott Lahn, Motion: Will Geddes, Executive Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, President: Seth Mroczka

Director: Aimee Hoffman, DP: Justin Carlson, Steadicam: Drew Weaver, Edit:, Editor: Sophia Lou, Photography: Mark Mahaney, Music: Gavin Brivik, VO Artist: Rosa Howard, Sound Design: Bobb Barito

Website: Design Director: Will Geddes, Development: Zack Lerner,, Project Manager: Cat Baldwin

Butterfly Equity