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Wooli - Roses Remix
Wooli - Roses Remix
Client: Wooli
Song: Gashi - Roses (Wooli Remix)
Wooli and team wanted a full length visual of his Roses remix for the live show. Basically a full length music video. The song is slower and more melodic than Wooli's generally intense and heavy hitting music, so we wanted the visual direction to reflect that beauty in an abstract and cinematic way. 
I modeled this rosebud myself and also animated it's blooming animation using Houdini's Vellum solver. It was quite a laborious process. There's definitely an easier and more procedural way, but since I don't know code yet and am still a Houdini beginner, I built this rose in probably the least procedural way possible. That being said, I think it turned out well which is all that matters in the end.

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Wooli - Roses Remix
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Ian Frederick