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    Portuguese Press museum branding

This is a academic proposal which was required to the students to chose and work on a cultural institution image, in my case the institution is the Portuguese press museum.
The "Museu Nacional da Imprensa" is an museum based in the city of Porto, and have one of the biggest collection of Press/ printing material in the Iberian penisula. The main goal of this institute is bring the culture (mainly in the graphic arts history) avaiable to anyone.
Graphicaly speaking, the solution that seemed better to this brand was to explore and translate the whole process that involves the handling of classic types.
You can see this when we take a look on how "IMPRENSA" is written, all the characters are reflected in order to simulate the way it was printed on Johannes Gutenberg era. The frame goal is to represent the workspace of traditional typographers, like the locker where the movable types were stored.