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    A hand bound book done as a part of undergraduate work at CCSU.
This was an independent project for my third year graphic design course. The objective of the assignment was to create a book exemplifying everything we had learned so far in our design education. I decided to create a graphic design style manual focusing on the elements and principles. When it came to design I reallly wanted to display my appreciation for Swiss Design. Simplicity and elegance are key for me. I took an ambitious route and hand-bound the hardcover book. As for the copy, I wrote that myself as well. This book, from to content, to design, to creation embodied everything I had learned.
I titled the book, Elements + Principles: A Graphic Design Style Manual.
The Front Cover:
I hand bound this book and used black canvas to wrap the chipboard I used. I had a hard time figuring out how I would get the actual title of the book on to the cover. Then I decided to make a quick book cover. That solved the problem quickly.
The Layout & Typography:
I decided to give this book a more modern feel. I wanted to give it a style that was a clear representation of who I am as I design. I wanted everything to be clean, simple, and elegant, but with a punch of personality.
The Surprise Spreads:
To separate the sections of the book I decided to have title pages that clearly noted what section of the book that the reader was getting into. It also helped break up the layout.