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Frida's Heart - the T-shirt design case
T-shirt Design, 2021 release
The concept: a T-shirt with a strong visual impact and the meaning to stay true to your heart, vision and creativity.

The story: Frida’s Heart by Open Toe Illustration celebrates the fascinating work of Frida Kahlo.
Drawn years ago as part of a project called Face the fear, this heart actually has a powerful message to share, according with the frida's famous words "I Never paint dreams or nightmares, i paint my own reality"
The campaign: at Open Toe Illustration We did it our way presenting the T-shirt through an illustrated lookbook on Instagram @opentoeillustration and on the website at
...Because we really wanted to STAY TRUE TO OUR (HE)ART!
The shop: we chose to launch a temporary e-commerce with Everpress for its sustainable approach to the market that promotes the change of the rules in production and enhance  creativity.

The service provides tools to set up print options for colors and garments, calculate prices, choose a unique url and follow the sales trough your personal dashboard.
Frida's Heart design is available just on preorder until 1st of March 2021. Than Everpress guys print sold items and ship them all over the world.
#sustainartists #changethemarket #slowfashionrules

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Frida's Heart - the T-shirt design case

Frida's Heart - the T-shirt design case

FRIDA'S HEART “I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality”. Discover the exclusive edition of Open Toe Illustration T-shirt desig Read More