Atelier du Sartel® for Cartier®
Boutique - High Jewellery Corner / Lounge furniture - February 2013 - Competition
Competition organised by Cartier for redesigning / reshaping the High-Jewellery corners / lounges in Worldwide Cartier boutiques. 
Our Key-wording & creation thread : 
- Style : Le Grand Siècle; Curiosity Cabinet; Art Nouveau; Art-Deco
- Ambiance : Comfort, warmth, intimity; Space & Light; Prestige; Modernity
- Structure : Verticality; Sublimation & Enlightenment of the eye; Materials & treatments contrasts
- Materials : Nobility & generosity;  Purity & Lightness; Grids; Structuration of reliefs; Bestiary & naturality
Project not selected
Project made in collaboration with Sergio, Jana and Vincent from Atelier du Sartel®.
All creations are properties of Atelier du Sartel® - © Copyright 2015 -
Materials, Textures and Know-How : Alabaster, Crocodile, Mother-of-pearl, Crystal, Hammered Inox 
Materials, Textures and Know-How : Quilted, Wood, Structured, Crushed Velvet, Embossed Copper
Materials, Textures and Know-How : Folded, Guilloché, Assembling, Engraved, Patina, Straw marquetery
Sell Desk
Sell stool
Pedestal Table
Armchair - version 1
Floor Lamp
Armchair - Version 2
Standing Light
Furniture Collection
Ambiance & Decoration