A Taste Of History In Your Cup

Heirloom was envisioned to be a gem in Brooklyn. The Café is a space where all the different ethnicities can meet (it is afro-american targeted but it embraces all kinds). It is a place for artists , families, where you can feel joy, peace and love.

When Ajua told me what she expected from the branding strategy she made sure she mentioned key-words that would help me out in this process: elegant, peaceful, exciting, café, bookstore, poetry, open mic, afro-american, brooklyn, gem, friendly.

She described to me that she is looking into putting stencils of big leaders such as Gandhi, Luther King, Mother Theresa etc on her walls to inspire those around.

She also mentioned she liked earth-tones, but really loved purple and a combination of vibrant colors; for typeface, she loves script and delicate designs that can speak to everyone.
Personally, I think the logo 1 to the right on the second row of logos is the one with most potential: it shows two people coming together, gazing into a cup of coffee. Ajua decided she wanted a more modern approach.
 The Logo
The Champion
Since Ajuda has great leaders in her cafe to inspire her customers, I brought that same philosophy to the packaging design.
Each country's blend refers to an iconic figure and is color coordinated according to its flags.
Pelé. Brazil. Yellow-Green flag.
Gandhi. India. Brown-Orange flag.
Derrida. France. Bright red flag.
Ché. Colombia. Brown-red flag.