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    The evolution of the Netflix.com site.
The design of the Netflix Watch Instantly area evolved directly from the previous Netflix DVD homepage.
By 2011 it was clear that this page (shown below), which had been designed to help members evaluate DVDs to add to their Queues, was not serving the needs of our streaming members. We had also established that many of the affordances were distracting from the content, so there was plenty of cleanup we wanted to do.
We first took time to explore attributes that made sense for the content of our site.
The design principles that suited our goals were: Simplicity, Content and Relevance. These principles were then applied to many different versions. Here are just a few of our explorations:
Through various forms of testing we evaluated some of our new concepts against the original design. The results showed that the new streamlined design created a simpler, more straightforward member experience. This is the current design for our site for now, but keep an eye out for new designs coming down the line!